Shreya biswas

Shreya is a trained storyteller ,story lover and a firm believer in the power of stories. She trained under the eminent storyteller Ms Geeta Ramanujam and worked under her She has also done workshops and learned from international storytellers Ms. Vayu Naidu and Mr. Godfrey Duncan ( TUUP).

A graduate in Chemistry from Calcutta University , her love for children made her an early childhood educator. An alumna of Children's Little Theatre , Calcutta, it was a natural transformation from a teacher to a storyteller and performer.

Shreya has an amazing ability to make an instant connection with children. She brings her stories alive with songs , pictures and visual art. She believes the best way to learn is through stories. Watching children lose themselves in the stories, their mouth open in wonder , their eyes lighting up , as she weaves her tales, is her ultimate joy.

Shreya not only loves telling stories to children , but to adults too. She tells stories in English , Bengali and sometimes with a sprinkling of Hindi.

Shreya has trained under Dr. Sangeeta Saksena and Dr. Shaibya Saldanha and has personally interacted with victims of C.S.A. She leverages her skills as a storyteller to spread awareness about C.S.A. and teach Children about personal safety.

Shreya is now a active partner of Durga - India a movement which empowers women to tackle harassment.