Ru Ba Ru

We love stories , we need stories. Stories touch our hearts, inspire us , fuel our imagination and make us better persons.

Authors are the creators of these wonderful stories. The writers are the magicians .. they create magic with their pen. Master storytellers , they transport us to a world they create and we laugh, cry , feel happy or sad .. scared or terrified ...we fall in love with the characters and the world they create for us.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could meet them , talk to them , listen to some of their personal stories ...

Just imagine...your favourite author is sitting with you , a storyteller is telling stories written by him/her, sharing some personal stories , anecdotes from the author's life... you can talk , ask questions , take an autograph, buy books that are displayed...wouldn't it be wonderful!!!

Ru Ba Ru is a unique series where stories, books, authors, illustrators, readers and booklovers of all ages are brought together by a storyteller .

Storyteller Shreya introduces an author to the readers through stories and anecdotes... unveiling a little bit of the wonderful person who gave us the brilliant stories to read.

Storytelling Performances

Storytelling events are conducted at schools, activity centres and performance spaces. It can be customised according to age group of children and topics. There are performances also for adults.

Story Clubs

Aimed specially at schools and activity spaces. Katharangam helps set up story clubs for children.

Workshops for Children

Trains children to create and tell stories.

Workshops for Teachers

This workshop is specially customised for teachers to help them incorporate story telling in their regular curriculum.

Workshops for beginners

This is a workshop to help anyone who wants to know the art of storytelling and would like to learn the basics of it.

Understanding Child sexual abuse

This workshop is for adults, all parents and teachers who would like to understand the dynamics of CSA and help prevent it. How to teach personal safety to children.

Teaching personal safety to Children

coming soon...